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I am running for State Representative in the 94th District because my beloved state must get back on track to become the vibrant and entrepreneurial state it once was. I believe that I have the experience to make that happen. I'm committed to making changes in Topeka. If you feel that Governor Brownback has done a good job, vote for my opponent.
I am a lifelong Wichitan who attended public schools (graduating from South High) and public universities (graduating from Wichita State University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration and Marketing). I retired a few years ago from a career that spanned teaching at WSU, Newman U, and Friends U. as a college professor and administrator. Additionally, I owned a consulting firm specializing in marketing research for many years. I also served as the State Director of the Kansas Small Business Development Centers while at WSU, working with thousands of small businesses throughout our state, enabling them to launch and grow successful businesses. The final three years of my career, I worked as the Community Outreach Coordinator at Catholic Charities...and had the opportunity to meet with groups in Wichita and throughout SE Kansas and to better understand the plight of the working poor and vulnerable in our state. Additionally, I served for ten years as an appointed member of the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. I also served on the Board of Zoning Appeals and Wichita Park Foundation. Today, I volunteer for the Wichita Historical Museum and my church, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. My husband, Guy McCormick, is also a lifelong Wichitan and is retired from the City of Wichita. I have one married daughter and my two grandchildren who live in Wichita. She is an Occupational Therapist for USD 259.



The Kansas economy is not only stagnant, it is worsening....we are losing jobs, the middle class (which supports Kansas businesses) is declining, quality healthcare services and quality public education are on the decline (which is a disincentive for businesses moving to or staying in Kansas). Eliminating taxes for LLC and other businesses in Kansas (which includes some of the states LARGEST businesses) has led to budgets that are not balanced, income projections that are not met (71 million dollars less in May 2016 & another 33 million dollars in June 2016 alone!), unfair tax increases for Kansas middle-class citizens, an almost insurmountable new state debt, stagnant business and economic growth, a dramatic decline in health services for Kansas citizens and those who are disabled, and the raiding of the Kansas Highway fund. This must be stopped!!Some rich citizens in Kansas may be getting richer and paying fewer taxes, but it's on the backs of the middle class and the working poor who've seen their taxes increase! Kansas' bonds have been downgraded! The Kansas legislature and governor have robbed funds earmarked for children's education and services, healthcare and Medicaid reimbursements, transportation and highway funds. They've even borrowed on future earnings and teachers' pensions....a sure sign of potential insolvency. THIS MUST BE STOPPED...and the business tax exemptions must be rolled back. Kansas is going bankrupt.



We must support high-quality Kansas public is an investment in our state's future! The state legislature has dramatically reduced dollars for education (despite the quotes from many Republicans), voted for a block grant system for school funding that the state Supreme Court has ruled is not equitable, and has put our children at risk of public school closings! We must restore Kansas' reputation for quality schools!!



It's true---31 hospitals in Kansas are at risk of closure (sources: Kansas Hospital Association). Especially rural hospitals. Why? Because Kansas has chosen not to expand Medicaid, unlike most other states. This should not be a partisan conversation---both Republicans and Democrats support this expansion. While Kansans are paying for this expansion in other states, we are not receiving any of that money. Kansas hospitals, along with Kansas' working poor, are hurting from Governor Brownback's refusal to even consider the subject. Medicaid reimbursements have declined and hospitals are paying the price. Our state has lost $1.7 million in the past 4 years thanks to the Governor's decision. Arkansas expanded Medicaid in 2013 and has seen a dramatic economic boon...and almost every Arkansan is insured. Hospitals, medical staff, and the Kansas Medical Society support this....and Kansas citizens should too.


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